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Pupil Premium Report – July 2015     

Pupil Premium Funding 2015 - 2016

We were allocated £35964 and brought forward £6494.80 form the previous year which gave a total of £42458.80.  We will be using the money as follows :

  • To fund the work of our two ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)/ELKLAN (speech and language support) specialist trained TAs in supporting our PP and other vulnerable children. - £17403
  • ELSA additional hours £104
  • We have also had to develop a new ELSA room as the previous room was needed as a classroom. - £525.81
  • Intervention work from SEN specialist teacher - £18144
  • Funding for other school activities such as educational visits, swimming and music lessons – £2824.90
  • Learning resources such as books, maths activities, games etc. to target specific support for PP pupils - £200
  • We have been providing some very specific and targeted support for one of our Pupil Premium children at a cost of £10021. This has shown a big impact in helping the child access the curriculum.


  • The work of our ELSA has continued to prove extremely valuable in offering support to children who are experiencing emotional difficulties, often leading to problems with social relationships and low self-esteem. Their negative feelings often become a major barrier to learning for these pupils. She has also worked with pupils to develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Research has shown that vocabulary is one of the strongest predictors of educational success (Carroll et al 2011) and also has an impact on progress in reading and comprehension. So this support and intervention is a vital component in our provision for our Pupil Premium group. It also reflects the school’s ethos around the importance of developing independence, perseverance and resilience in all our pupils. It is difficult to measure in terms of national curriculum levels but the qualitative data based on information from teachers would suggest that this support has enabled these children greater access to the curriculum, developed greater confidence and resilience when tackling tasks in class and has improved engagement with learning.
  • As mentioned above our two ELSAs have been developing a new ELSA room as their previous space now has been used to house the new Y6 class. They have worked really hard to turn our guided reading area into a warm, relaxing and nurturing space where they can support the emotional needs of our Pupil Premium pupils. Pupil Premium funding allowed us to provide the necessary equipment and resources to enable them to continue their valuable work effectively.
  • The SEN specialist teacher supported 4 pupils through 1:1 support. All of these pupils had unique circumstances which required a variety of approaches. Last year 3 out of 4 pupils made expected progress in reading with one achieving better than expected progress. In writing 3 out of 4 of the pupils made expected progress. They are receiving further support this year and their progress will be monitored closely.
  • Progress in writing is improving but there are specific children we are targeting for additional support.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our Pupil Premium pupils have full access to all the experiences offered at Hollymount School and to this end we have allocated funding to enable these children to access after school clubs and support the funding of whole class/school activities. These children benefit from the opportunity to develop wider interests, share experiences with their peers and develop new skills.
  • We also support some of our Pupil Premium Pupils to access residential trips in Y3 and Y6.