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Hollymount Primary School


Teatimers is the name of our after school club that runs onsite from the moment your child finishes school up until 6pm.

Please visit this page to book a place - https://www.hollymount.org/Teatimers-Registration-form/ 

 A Typical Tea Timer’s Day 

3.15     Children arrive at Tea Timer's; we check the registers and the children hang up their                 coats and bags.  Along with a snack of fruit & vegetable is made available to all.

3.20      Children can choose from several pre-set structured activities throughout the                          afternoon. Currently we have writing/drawing; small world; construction; art and                 design; active play; free time; board games and books. We also have continued use                 of the outside space including the fort and the outside pavilion.

4.15      Children attending clubs arrive to the provision

4.30      Children sit in either the Tea Timer’s dining room or in the outdoor pavilion for their                 light tea.

5.00      Continued play in pre-set stations. Occasionally, by request, some children can                    watch a film (note that any films watched will always be a U or PG certificate)

The team 

The Teatimer’s team are available to help you with any questions or queries and the team members are:

 Lauren Nardin                           School Business Manager

Shirley Doyle                                Manager

Fabiola Blakeney                    Supervisor

Rupert Cheek                             Play worker

Gul Ansari                                      Play worker

Anna Hopkins                            Play worker

Eleanor Robertson                 Tea Timers administrator

 Contacting Teatimers:

Email:  teatimers@hollymount.merton.sch.uk

For routine queries and bookings, you can phone the main school office between 8am and 12 noon.

For immediate issues/ urgent queries during please text or phone the dedicated Teatimer’s mobile phone:  07821 305 045 this phone is manned from 2pm – 6pm.


Menu Example

We thought it would be useful to give you a sample menu:




A few reminders that will aide in the smooth running of the club:

  •  We ask that you inform us before 12 noon if your child will not be attending Tea Timer’s on that day using teatimers@hollymount.merton.sch.uk or text on the mobile.


  1. Tea Timer’s runs from 3.10 - 6pm. If you are running late then please text or phone the Tea Timer’s mobile. As per your Teatimer’s terms and condition, one late occurrence is permitted. After this a late charge of £5.00 per five minutes for each occasion may be incurred if you collect after 6pm.


  1. Children are collected from outside the locked green gate. Please ring the door bell, so that a member of staff is aware that you have arrived.


  1. Do remind your child to bring their named water bottle. If they are requested to keep their water bottle in class then please supply them with a separate one for Tea Timers’ use.


  1. Please do remember that Teatimer’s requires half a term’s notice if you no longer need the space for your child or if you wish to make any changes to the days that your child attends.


  1. For Safeguarding reasons, the school is a smartphone free zone. Please refrain from using your mobile phones when entering school premises.



Tea Timer’s payment will be processed and paid through Arbor. It is important that you keep up with payments and do not fall into arrears. Continued arrears may result in the cancellation of your child's place.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please do contact Lauren Nardin the School Business Manager on sbm@hollymount.merton.sch.uk.


Please be reassured that if you are new to the school, you may not have a live Arbor account just yet.  

Once you have been allocated an account you will be emailed an invitation to open your account, at that point you will be able to make payments for Tea Timer’s.  Setting up our payment process takes time at the start of the school year so please do not worry; if you have received a confirmation letter, your child does have a confirmed Tea Timer’s place.  

 We accept the following child care voucher providers;



Eden Red                                        



Midcounties Co- operative       



Please let us know if you will be using a child care voucher scheme and we can give you the school code.  For the HMRC tax free childcare scheme our school registration number is 102633.