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Hollymount Primary School

 Hollymount School

Tours For Prospective Parents

 A member of the Senior Leadership Team shares the school’s values and vision and takes parents/carers on a tour of the school. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.. Parents/Carers are asked to wear a mask during the tour, as well as sanitise their hands before entry. In order to keep the tours personal and COVID safe, we keep the tours to a maximum of 20 people. To book a place on a tour, please call the school office on 020 8946 0454. We very much look forward to meeting you.

Below is an interactive map of the Foundation Stage Unit consisting of Nursery, two Reception classes (Holly and Willow), and the FSU outdoor area. Please click on the video symbol to watch a video of these areas.

Spring /Summer  2023  Term  at 9am 


7th Feb,   23rd March,     20th April,     16th May,     15th June,    11th July