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Hollymount Primary School

Leadership Structure

The leadership team is designed to meet the needs of the pupils, staff and community while also carefully creating a vision that meets the demands from external organisations and central government. It is important that we always put ours values first and treat each other with respect and care at all times. 

In November 2022 our new leadership structure/responsibilities was launched. 

The main change is creating clear areas of responsibility that is based on a senior leadership team and a middle leadership team. Previously our senior leadership team also held middle leadership responsibilities that in turn diluted the impact due to reduced distributive leadership and teamwork. The new structure aims to improve on this and give a greater level of middle leadership and diversity of voice and thoughts in our weekly leadership meetings.


The new structure is outlined below:


Each area of senior and middle leadership has it’s areas of responsibilities while we also recognise that all leaders and staff have our shared areas of duties that we are all working on improving.


Senior leadership team






Joe Croft

Safeguarding leader and overall strategic lead – Line managers senior leaders

School Business manager

Lauren Nardin

- Strategically lead the operational and business element of school life

- To develop a sustainable school model that fits the current educational landscape

- To keep up to date with all financial, H+S and HR regulations and ensure these high standards are maintained across the school

- To create a warm and welcoming front of house team that provide the community with the information they need

- To ensure the office team have clear roles and responsibilities that meet the need of school and community

- To line manage systems and procedures based on key operational issues such as HR, finance, lettings, premises and wrap around care


Curriculum lead - shared deputy Headteacher

Irene Lindsay

-Creating the shared vision (alongside the Headteacher) to build a quality curriculum that is taught consistently.

-Intent and implementation of curriculum at a school level while leading subject leaders.

- Creating a framework for staff to work towards when delivering the curriculum.

- Ensuring high quality assessment across the foundation curriculum

- Understanding strengths and weakness of the curriculum and supporting teachers improving in these areas

Teaching and learning/professional development lead – Shared deputy

Kelly Daffue

- Leading the phase leaders to ensure they are running their teams effectively and within school-based systems

- Ensuring effective operational standards across the school such as timetabling, communication, logistics and induction

- Designing and implementing quality assurance systems that allow for monitoring to identify strengths and weaknesses

- Designing and implementing professional development opportunities

Inclusion lead and senior leader

Faye Kimber

-Leading the inclusion agenda across the school

- Ensuring initial concerns, SEN support and EHCP children have their needs met through quality first teaching, intervention and external agency support

- To lead on the culture of behaviour and wellbeing across the school

- To lead the support staff team


Middle Leadership team





Head of Early Years

Kerrin Dooley

- Smooth running of their phase

- Promoting the vision and ethos of the school amongst their teams

- To support the delivery of the curriculum and develop their team accordingly

- To understand school systems and support their team with the delivery of this

- To support with wellbeing and behavior of children across their phase

- To understand data and assessments across the phase and support the children and team to ensure their reach their potential

- To work with SLT to set the vision for the school and a SDP that helps us all get there

Head of Key stage 1

Claire OG

Head of Lower Key Stage 2

Melody Riggler

Head of Upper Key Stage 2

Keira Singfield


Felicity White

- Vision for the subject

- Setting the framework and structure for their subject (handbooks/policy)

- Ensuring their subject has clear progression of knowledge over time

- Quality assuring their subject to ensure quality implementation by staff

- Supporting all staff in the development of their understanding of their subject and in turn helping them become better teachers

- Understanding the impact of their subject and how well children achieve and the quality of assessment used

- To review the strengths and weaknesses of their subject and develop it as needed


Erin Steninger (on maternity lead and covers by Mrs Lindsay)


Maria Halpin


NPQ leaders






Kira Connoley

Members of Hollymount staff will have the opportunity to undertake leadership qualifications through the DFE funded NPQ program. These members of staff will be developing their leadership and will add huge value to the school and their areas of responsibilities and while their training is taking place they will become members of the leadership team and input into whole school development. They will still then carry on directly leading the area of school responsibility they currently own.


Lucy Marshall