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Letter from the Chair of Governors

19th October 2016

Dear Parents and carers,

The new academic year is well under way and we felt this would be a good time for an update from
the Hollymount Board of Governors.

We are delighted to see that the school's excellent academic performance has continued. Whilst the
change in assessment criteria means it is not possible to directly compare last year's results with
those of the previous year, we do know that Hollymount's ranking in both the borough and the
country as a whole has improved. This is a great reflection upon the dedication and sheer hard work
of all the staff and the children. Alongside the formal and statutory curriculum requirement, it is
wonderful to see how much the school does for the children in the programme of extra-curricular
activities, in particular the sporting opportunities and external visits arranged.

The full two-form entry arrangements have clearly bedded in well. Aside from anything else, the
increase in staff numbers means that the ethos and spirit of the school is more resilient to
individual staff changes.

Governing Body Changes
The governing body has had a few changes of its own as a result of two members moving away and one
staff governor on maternity leave. We'd like to put on record how grateful we are to Faye Kimber,
Jon Atkin and the Reverend Richard Lane for all the time, effort and, in Richard's case, the
leadership they have contributed over the years.

Corinne Phillips, Joe Stone (both co-opted) and Alexandria Howland (staff) have joined the
governing body. Corinne and Joe both live locally and bring HR/Personnel and Social Work experience
respectively to the Governing body.

The Local Schools Cluster
Looking a little beyond Hollymount's immediate boundary, Hollymount School is part of a local
primary schools informal 'cluster'. The benefits to the schools in this cluster from working
together are proving invaluable e.g. shared training, calibration of the new assessment methods,
staff visits; and as a result the cluster concept has been extended to the governing bodies of the
schools involved. We meet once a term to share ideas and to discuss how we might plan for changes in government  policy. We are already benefiting from this arrangement with joint training events.

Hollymount - Well placed for the Future
Hollymount is very lucky to be in a such a strong academic position as we consider our priorities
for the future. However, with budgets remaining extremely tight we must find ways of making an
increasingly shrinking pot go further. The Government and local authority make heavy demands on our
school, both academically and pastorally, and it is only with the continued strong backing of
Governors and parents that Hollymount can remain the excellent school it is today. Thank you for your continued support.

As governors, we never fail to be impressed when we visit the school by all the pupils we meet, who
are unfailingly confident, polite, well-mannered and behaved, and so clearly enjoying their
learning. It is a genuine delight to be associated with Hollymount.

We welcome any feedback you may have, and if you do, please contact me through the school office.
Also, if you see me in or around the school then do say hello, I am always very happy to talk to
Hollymount parents.

I have included below a brief description of the role of the governing body together with the list of our members.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Hatley,
Chair of Governors