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Hollymount Primary School

Emergency Procedures

General advice

Hollymount Primary School puts the safety of it's children, staff and families at the front of everything we do.

Our site, emergency procedures, fire evacuation and lock down procedures are reviewed annually by senior leaders and governors. We base these procedures on our understanding of the school and government/Merton guidance. 


If an emergency occurs we will communicate with parents in the most appropriate way, that could involve the following;

  • A whole school email
  • A whole school text message
  • Individual phone calls 
  • Updating the school website with key announcements   

If the phone lines are down, please look at the website/twitter for key announcements. 
If the internet is down, please be reassured that your children will stay on school site, under our lock down procedures and will be looked after until communication returns and we can get in contact with parents. 

Collection if an emergency occurs 

The school will always keep your child at school if it is safe to do so, if not we will evacuate to our local evacuation points (St Mary's Church or Holland Gardens). 

If an emergency occurs and parents cannot get easy access to the school to collect them, we will keep the children on site until parents arrive.

Communication will be key during this time period. 

Lockdown procedures

If the local area is in danger and the need for a lock down is put in place, we will secure the school gates and lock the school.

At this point communication with parents via the methods above will be carried out. We will be liaising with the police and the local authority to take advice on when to re-open the school. We will only do this when the local area is deemed safe again.

During this time we will encourage parents to stay at home and not come to the school. We will communicate with parents at all times to keep everyone up to date with the situation.


If an incident occurs while children are out on a trip the group leader will liaise with senior leadership from the school.

Emergency procedures will then be put in place and the staff with the children will make appropriate arrangements to keep the group of children they are with safe. The group leader will liaise with senior leaders from the school about how to return to school safely. We will take advice from the local authority and police. It is important for parents to not panic in this situation and it is advised that they come to the school and not to the place the children are attending. We will again communicate with all parents via communication outlined above.